Lovejoy High Partners

1 Style meona_b[email protected];
24 Hour Tire Store, Inc. D/B/A Lovejoy Tire Shop [email protected];
7 Star Electronic Solutions LLC d/b/a 7 Star Security [email protected];
[email protected];
7 Star Electronic Solutions, LLC d/b/a 7 Star Security [email protected];
A & E Unique Jewelry [email protected];
A Better Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. [email protected];
ACG La Costa, LLC [email protected]
A Higher Calling D/B/A TNT Fireworks [email protected];
Ada's Real Dominican Hair Salon [email protected];
Adrienne Embry Ammons DDS PC D/B/A Concord Dental [email protected];
AJ Freight Systems LLC [email protected];
AK Edwards Tax & Financial Services D?B/A AK Edwards & Company [email protected];
Aldi #49 [email protected];
Aldi #49 [email protected];
Amodestri Childcare & Academy [email protected];
Quesada PC D/B/A Animal Amour [email protected];
Apex Self Storage
AusDanBrook Properties, Inc. d/b/a ADB Prop [email protected];
AutoZone Store Inc. D/B/A AutoZone #1076 [email protected];
Banaika Construction Multi-Services [email protected]
Baybreeze [email protected];
[email protected]
BC 11286 TB, LLC D/B/A Dunkin Donuts #352036 [email protected]
Beck-N-Call, LLC [email protected];
BEE Homes, Inc. [email protected];
Big A Construction [email protected]
Bouncin' 4 Joy Bounce House Rental [email protected];
Brooks Hair Studio Barbershop [email protected];
C & C Lovejoy, LLC [email protected]
C.A.S.H. Entertainment SVC [email protected];
Camping De Lights [email protected];
Car Wash Headquarters, Inc. D/B/A Car Wash [email protected];
Caraibean Market Store [email protected];
Caraibean Market Store & Take Out [email protected];
Caraibean Market Store & Take-Out [email protected];
Cato #1205 [email protected];
Cheek 2 Cheek Events [email protected];
Chenatlin Colshat Custom Apparel [email protected];
Child Development Schools, Inc. D/B/A Childcare Network, Inc. #267 [email protected];
Cinema Greens, LLC [email protected];
Classy Hair & Nail, Inc. [email protected];
Cleopatra Beauty [email protected];
Coinstar LLC [email protected];
Comfort Personal Home [email protected];
Cupid Nails [email protected];
Curl Up & Dye Beauty Salon [email protected];
Dolgen Corp LL D/B/A Dollar General #11170 [email protected];
Dolgen Corp LLC D/B/A Dollar General #11170
Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. D/B/A Dollar Tree #3069 [email protected] ;
ecoATM [email protected];
EH Hampton LLC D/B/A Villas at Hampton [email protected];
Ellis Appliance
Business with Reena Jay [email protected]
Equity Loan LLC D/B/A InstaLoan [email protected]
Excel Physical Therapy [email protected]
Family Dollar Stores of GA, Inc. 8815 [email protected]
Fix N Cell, LLC D/B/A Fix N Cell Wireless Repair [email protected]
Fontz Graphic Designs [email protected]
Foundation Sports, LLC matthew[email protected]
FQSR, LLC D/B/A KFC/Taco Bell [email protected]
Full Covenant Christian Ministries
Full Covenant Christian Ministries
Game Stop, Inc. D/B/A GameStop #5523 [email protected]
General Nutrition Center #9803 [email protected]
GEO Corrections & Detention LLC D/B/A Robert A. Deyton Correctional Facility # 190 [email protected]
Gil's Seafood Outlet [email protected]
Gold Mine Beverage, LLC [email protected]
Gold Mine Beverage, LLC [email protected]
Goodwill of North Georgia [email protected]
Grand Stands Bar & Grill
Grand Stands Bar & Grill
Green Acres of Atlanta [email protected]
Green Construction [email protected]
Hands Fo4 Hire Lawn Care [email protected]
Healthcare Training Solutions [email protected]
Heurtelou General Merchanside [email protected]
Hibbett Sporting Goods, Inc. D/B/A Hibbett Sports #625 [email protected]
HRB Tax Group Inc DBA H&R Block [email protected]
Hunted Treasures [email protected]
I Comm (LK Telecom Plus, LLC) [email protected]
Janel's Creative Designs [email protected]
Jason Mask & Co, Inc. [email protected]
JJJ 11386, Inc. d/b/a Boost Mobile [email protected]
JJJ 11386, Inc. D/B/A Boost Mobile [email protected]
Radha Krishna Investments, Inc. D/B/A Subway 46422
Kauffman Tire [email protected]
KC Beauty Depot pjchun[email protected]
Kihara & Sons [email protected]
Krave Sweets [email protected]
LaCosta at Lovejoy West, Inc [email protected]
LaCosta at Lovejoy, Inc [email protected]
Little Travel Co.
Los Cortes Taxi [email protected]
Lovejoy Academy [email protected]
Lovejoy Emission Center [email protected]
Lovejoy Emission Center [email protected]
Lovejoy MHP LLC D/B/A Country Oaks Mobile Home Park [email protected]
Lovejoy Pawn, LLC [email protected]
RMG LC Georgia, LLC D/B/A Little Caesars [email protected]
Lovejoy Road Apartments LLC D/B/A Lakeside Villas [email protected]
Lovejoy Rocks LLC [email protected]
Lovejoy Rocks, LLC [email protected]
Lovejoy Self Storage [email protected]
Lux Glam Bar Salon [email protected]
M & S Hair Braiding [email protected]
MAK Construction, Inc. [email protected]
Make up by Nimah [email protected]
Make Up By Nimah LLC [email protected]om
McDonald's Restaurants of georgia #4575 [email protected]
Midtown Parking Enforcement [email protected]
Monica & Sujal Corp. D/B/A Lovejoy Coin Laundry
Monica & Sujal Corp. D/B/A Lovejoy Quickstop
Monica & Sujal Corp. D/B/A Lovejoy Quickstop
Monica Diya & Ariya Inc. D/B/A Panhandle Food Mart
Monica Diya & Ariya Inc. D/B/A Panhandle Food Mart
Murphy Oil USA, Inc. D/B/A Murphy USA #7156 [email protected]
NAG Enterprises, LLC D/B/A Citgo
NAG Enterprises, LLC D/B/A Citgo
Nahzuk Inc D/B/A Firehouse Subs of Lovejoy [email protected]
NCG Supreme Services [email protected]
New Dominican Style Hair salon [email protected]
New Image Shop, LLC [email protected]
Next Star Communications, Inc. dba Sprint [email protected]
Nicole Noire Enterprises, LLC [email protected]
Nic's Premium Smoked Meats [email protected]
No Pressure Tax Service [email protected]
NuShades of Beauty [email protected]
Odom's Accounting Service [email protected]
On Point Transportation, LLC [email protected]
On Point Transportation, LLC [email protected]
O'Reilly Automotive Stores, Inc [email protected]
Pacific Deli, LLC [email protected]
Panchmukhi LLC d/b/a Lovejoy Shell Foodmart [email protected]
Panchmukhi LLC d/b/a Lovejoy Shell Foodmart [email protected]
Panchmukhi LLC d/b/a Lovejoy Shell Foodmart [email protected]
Panchmukhi LLC d/b/a Lovejoy Shell Foodmart [email protected]
Panda Express #1130 [email protected]
Panhandle Package, LLC [email protected]
Panhandle Package, LLC [email protected]
Petals Expression Decorations & Photography [email protected]
Photography By Amelia Jackson [email protected]
Prime Communications [email protected]
Purcell's Garage
PV Glass [email protected]
PWI Partners of Lovejoy, Inc D/B/A Cricket Wireless [email protected]
Rainbow USA, Inc. [email protected]
Redbox Automated Retail LLC [email protected]
Redbox Automated Retail LLC [email protected]
Refuge Family Care [email protected]
Regal Nails Salon & Spa
Renew Wellness [email protected]
Rick Prevatt Insurance Agency, Inc. [email protected]
Roberts Kart Shop [email protected]
Rome Fashion D/B/A Beauty World [email protected]
Ruby Tuesday, Inc. [email protected]
Ruby Tuesday, Inc. [email protected]
Sainbou Hair Braiding [email protected]
Sally Beauty Supply #10049 [email protected]
Sammy's Construction LLC
Sanz Virtual Enterprise [email protected]
SDD Mechanical, LLC [email protected]
Sebastian Painting
Shirley's Daycare [email protected]
Silver Star Deli 2 D/B/A Dong Jin Han [email protected]
Simply Fries [email protected]
Simply Fries, LLC [email protected]
Simply Glorious, LLC [email protected]
Snap Fitness 24/7 [email protected]
Snap Fitness 24/7 - Hampton [email protected]
SNT Comfortable Living, Inc. [email protected]
Southern Customs Homes, Inc
Southside Medical Center- Lovejoy Clinic [email protected]
Spa #1 [email protected]
Spalding Automotive Towing & Tires Inc. D/B/A Discount Furniture [email protected]
Spirit Halloween Superstore, LLC [email protected]
Star Deli, LLC [email protected]
Steady Hands Barber and Beauty [email protected]
Stor Ur Stuff [email protected]
System 4 of Atlanta
Tax Search of America, Inc. D/B/A Jackson Hewitt Tax Service [email protected]
The Academy of Lovejoy [email protected]
The Hillman Group, Inc. [email protected]
The Home Depot #6848 [email protected]
Tiggars Computer Repair LLC [email protected]
Tim's Country Buffet [email protected]
Title Max of Georgia, Inc. [email protected]
Tabor Clips LLC D/B/A Great Clips [email protected]
TPO Express Service, LLC [email protected]
Triple T Fabrication Inc. [email protected]
Unique Jewelry by Karen [email protected]
Upper Echelon Sports Lounge [email protected]
Upper Echelon Sports Lounge LLC d/B/A Motor City Grille [email protected]
USA Insurance, Inc. [email protected]
Victory Pharmacy Corporation [email protected]
Vrajk LLC D/B/A JP Lovejoy [email protected]
Vrajk LLC D/B/A JP Lovejoy [email protected]
Walmart #5363 [email protected]
Walmart #5363 [email protected]
Wesley Health Care [email protected]
Winners Circle Automotive
Happy China Lovejoy, Inc. D/B/A Happy China [email protected]
Your Taxmatters D\B\A Taxmatters [email protected]
Strong Ones Enterprises, LLC D/B/A The Pack Center [email protected];
BSL Inc. [email protected];
Kishika LLC D/B/A Captain D's [email protected];
Heavenly Movers & Clean UP Services [email protected];
Vega Remodeling Services
B Melton's Enterprise, LLC D/B/A J.R. Crickets [email protected];
B Melton's Enterprise, LLC D/B/A J.R. Crickets [email protected];
Gil's [email protected];
Berry Framing
B Melton's Enterprise, LLC D/B/A J.R. Crickets [email protected];
Spark Wireless, LLC d/b/a T-Mobile [email protected];
Monicadiya & Aryakrish, Inc. D/B/A Panhandle Café
Monicadiya & Aryakrish, Inc. D/B/A Panhandle Café
Monicadiya & Aryakrish, Inc. D/B/A Panhandle Café
Go To Church Movement [email protected];
Cyber Cloud [email protected];
Quesada PC D/B/A Animal Amour Veterinary Hospital [email protected];
Love - N - Action Community Outreach Center, Inc. [email protected];
RB Decking & Home Improvement [email protected];
The Nine Seven Corportation D/B/A IX VII [email protected];
Kris Swan Toliver Entertainment & Management [email protected];
Tabor Clips Inc. D/B/A Great Clips - Lovejoy [email protected];
KN Services LLC [email protected]
PanjatanPak Associates, Inc. D/B/A Classic Brow [email protected]
Merivil Logistic Solutions [email protected]
Ruztic Boyz BBQ [email protected]
The Reni Collection D/B/A Simply Unik Beautee [email protected]
Speedy Green Custodial Services [email protected]
Grown Folks Gourmet Treats Boutique [email protected]
AMP Avery Multimedia Productions LLC D/B/A J & K Goods [email protected]
The Cellular Connection, LLC [email protected]
CM Transportation Services LLC
Yolanda Lofton D/B/A L & E Business [email protected]
GPS Hospitality Acquisition Co, LLC D/B/A Burger King #24505 [email protected]
ZR Hopkins Incorporated [email protected]
Heaven's Glo Facial Bar, LLP [email protected]
Mona Love Fashion House [email protected]
Ruth Stylez [email protected]
Small Steps Early Development LLCD D/B/A Althea C. Johnson [email protected]
Michele Fantastic Commercial Clean [email protected]
J Laneshe Hair Salon D/B/A Jlaneshe LLC [email protected]
Goffe's Renovation
1 Shipman Enterprise, LLC D/B/A Shipman Event Rental [email protected]
Media Moguls LLC D/B/A E-Media Moguls LLC [email protected]
King & Queen Fashions [email protected]
Maddd4you Services D/B/A Mackie's Mobile Notary [email protected]
The Roinson Impression, LLC [email protected]
PLR Consulting [email protected]
Here We GO Group, LLC D/B/A American Deli [email protected]
WNB Factory D/B/A WNB Factory Spout Springs, LLC
Lovejoy Wings, Inc. d/b/a Mo Wings and Grill [email protected]
Best Thing Cleaning [email protected]
Jackson Plumbing & Septic, LLC [email protected]
DRB Construction D/B/A Dwight Bartholomew Construction [email protected]
A22 Project Management Group [email protected]

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